Mr & Mrs G

Laurence was very professional and importantly, easy to work with – he has a calm and balanced approach, all of which helps in the process. We were the purchasers and dealt with Laurence from the very beginning. We were able to build a good, open and honest relationship from the start which meant that Laurence was able to make sure the deal went through. I think Lawrence really worked hard to bring buyer and seller together so that both got what they wanted – other agents may not have done this. Laurence was always available and responsive, dealing with things when they needed to be. Laurence went ‘the extra mile’ on this deal and it was a pleasure working with him. Overall, we’d say Laurence was professional, responsive, hard-working and trust-worthy/honourable. Laurence came across as the seasoned and experienced agent, well suited for the larger/more important jobs. An excellent job done by Laurence.